Saturday, July 12, 2014

Succulent Saturday's Gardening Project

Happy Succulent Saturday~

Once in a while I'm asked to help out with a succulent project, and this 2-week project was definitely a fun one! Some folks asked me to pretty up their front driveway, so I got another chance to get creative! Take a look at this beautiful bounty:

I got most of these succulents from Home Depot and Sloat Gardens. I should note that this is the first time I got more than one succulent from Home Depot. I haven't had much luck with large Gardening Centers like Lowes and Home Depot, in fact, prior to this project I actively avoided Home Depot's Gardening Center because I only seemed to find sickly, wilted, gummy, or leggy succulents. This time, maybe out of sheer luck or they found a better way to take care of their plants, I lucked out. These babies actually look very healthy and plump:

As a general rule of thumb, I examine each plant to make sure there is no browning/molding, leggy stems, and gummy leaves. I'm sort of surprised that I found some nice succulents, I'll be sure to provide updates on how they look in a couple of weeks after being potted. 

So here are the finished pots, keep in mind that it isn't going to look 100% quite yet. There is a lot of room between plants, so in a couple of months I hope to see these pots overflowing with succulents!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

HWY 1 and Abandoned Bunkers

Sundays seem to be my outdoor day, and of course with my busy schedule, I'm not complaining at all. This weekend's exploration has been on my bucket list for a while. While driving on the 1, I always drive by this interesting structure that seems precariously perched on the cliff side. Well, I finally stopped here on the way to the redwoods, and it turns out this structure is a Apparently this building is an old military bunker that was used for observation during WWII

Aside from the interesting abandoned structures along the 1, I was also very excited to see all of the coastal plants in bloom. It's been interesting to watch how the landscape changes throughout the year--right now there are bright patches of pinks, purples, and yellows scattered along the coastline, and it's so beautiful against the grey/white backdrop of the ocean.

Happy Summer! Stay tuned for next week's adventure: maybe Calistoga and petrified forests?! 

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