Sunday, March 1, 2015

Photo Dump/ Mushrooms in the City: Lake Merritt

Another late post with lots of mushrooms from Lake Merritt's Community Gardens back in...January? Haven't seen too many mushrooms lately, mostly because I haven't been out as much, but hopefully at the end of March I'll be trekking through the forests once again!

These guys remind me of hamburger buns

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mushrooms in the City: The Season Has Arrived!!!

It's mushroom season! FINALLY. The past week has been glorious, everywhere I go I've been spotting lawn mushrooms and new fungi I haven't seen before.

A little update: obviously, I haven't been as active on this blog, but I have been doing some neat things!

I started biking in September, which has been incredibly empowering and liberating for me. I also get to ride through the park, so I'm constantly stopping to smell the roses, touch moss, and of course--spot fungi. Now that it's storming, I'm taking a wee little break, but I do intend to continue biking. It's a great source of exercise, I am no longer dependent on Muni, and I don't use my car very often (and for all of you grouchy motorists, I am following the rules of the road and I hope you are too).

Usually around this time I'm making holiday terrarium ornaments, but due to my work schedule, that isn't possible this year. I've been hosting small terrarium workshops with an emphasis on self care practices with community organizations and events, and that has been incredibly rewarding and fun for me to do. Since it isn't profit-based, I feel pretty comfortable running these workshops and it really makes me happy to see other people connecting with nature in so many different ways.

Anyway, before I hide away again (but I promise, I'll be back in January), I'm going to share a couple of photos from the recent week...

The sweetest, tiniest mushrooms! My heart is aching because they're so cute.
One of my favorites, Xylaria hypoxylon AKA Staghorn Fungus

 Another favorite, Clathrus Ruber
I spotted these guys while biking to work. 

 For the grand finale....this one. I have no clue what this is, so if you happen to know, drop me a line :)! For all I know this could just be an pile of dog poo.

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